“The most direct path to individual, team, and organizational improvement begins with building on your employees natural strengths while blocking their natural blockers to improved performance.”
Simple Pop Quiz

When selecting candidates...Do you currently use a model to determine the winners from the pretenders?

When promoting employees...would you like to be able to determine how well a strong performer, in one position, will fit in the new position? (Have you ever seen a strong sales person who struggled as a sales manager? We have those answers for you!

Do you currently assume everyone should be assessed, reviewed and developed the same way?

Do you wish you had tools to assist in discussing performance issues with your direct reports?

Have you found yourself struggling when preparing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with your direct reports?

If the answers to any of these questions are yes …..we can help.

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Making Great People Decisions
Human Performance Tools that Empower Great People Decisions

Can you imagine a world where you would be able to determine if your applicant, or existing employee, has the ability to:
  1. Identify the core issues that are driving a problem, challenge or opportunity.
  2. Create a workable solution for the identified core issue(s) needing attention.
  3. Implement the workable solution that respects the guidelines of the organization and within the scope of the resources that are currently available to the individual.

You will be happy to discover that world now exist!

At Dbeard Consulting, LLC we utilize a short, on-line survey that has the unique ability to calculate (1) decision speed, (2) the capacity to work effectively with others and, (3) make the right decisions while operating within the established framework of the organization.

Now for the best part….The Executive Summary

We deliver Performance Answers that are simple to understand and that you can trust. We’ve assembled those answers into an easy to read eight page Executive Summary that generates employee performance answers and provides a clear and concise understanding of how anyone's Critical Thinking, Internal Motivations and Natural Communication Style uniquely combine and integrate into reliable performance indicators. Our report includes:
  1. A performance summary
  2. A screening and hiring recommendation
  3. Developmental suggestions
  4. Communication style
  5. Teamwork indicators

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We add value by adding a scientific performance component to your people processes.

"If you're looking for powerful Employee Performance ANSWERS rather than a string of data points that you have to decode...We should talk!"

For a 17-minute overview of the Human Performance tools that Empower Great People Decisions, click on the following link:

The Bus Concept™ Employee Performance System

There are many Employee Lifecycle models, with different approaches, we provide support in the following areas using technology that is built upon the Nobel Prize nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman. Specifically we provide coaching and support in the following areas:
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Individual Development
  • Team Dynamics
  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Manager Performance Tools
    • Coaching
    • Counseling
    • Performance Management
    • Individual Development Plans (IDP’s)

What is the Bus Concept™
employee performance system?

The Bus Concept™ is a powerful human performance system that understands that sustainable employee TOP PERFORMANCE becomes predictable when one's natural "NET TALENT" (i.e., the "NET effect" of one's natural strengths vs. one's natural performance blockers), and the FOCUS of that Net Talent, plus the BEHAVIORS that DELIVER that focused net talent into the world ALIGN with the needs of job under consideration.

It can be simply presented like this: Every good executive and hiring manager seeks the answers to the following 3 critical candidate questions:
  1. Can this person do the job?
  2. Will this person do the job?
  3. Will this person do the job for ME*?
(*In my company's environment; reporting to me or my managers)

The Bus Concept™ answers those 3 critical questions with scientific precision. Our performance system is built upon the Nobel Peace Prize nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman plus 30 years of non-stop research, application and translation of that work by his most prolific graduate student Wayne Carpenter. Wayne's lifetime of validated research drives our revolutionary "Net Talent" business models.
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